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15th November 17:00 Gödör ('90)
Living Picture Company Júlia Bársony

The live exhibition is a coproduction of Júlia Bársony, the Living Picture Company and the visual communications students of MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design).

It was the second time MOME asked Júlia Bársony to do a course in the relationship between live performance and visual communication. This performance without a beginning or an end was born as a result of the course work.

The exhibition’s structure is not linear, but it proceeds on parallell paths. The live installations exist in space independent of each other. It’s up to the audience how much time they spend viewing one item. They’re free to wander amongst these pieces of fine art created around the theme of “infinity”.


Performed by:
Zsófia Bérczi
Jeromos Bolyácz
Emese Deák
Dániel Halasi
Gábor Harsay
Kata Iván
Juli Laczkó
Gergely Mindák
Attila Stark
Guido Fedor  Szarka
Katalin Tarsó

Premiere: 4th January 2008, Gödör Klub, Budapest